Our Services


We provide a comprehensive service for our clients. We know that you want to spend your time running your organisation, not dealing with website, internet and computer issues. 

We offer website design, e-commerce, development and implementation of a digital strategy, hosting, domain name purchase and management, email mailbox provision and maintenance and long term support

Website Design

Our design philosophy is based on the assumption that visitors to your website want information, and they want to find it as quickly as possible. Functionality, ease of use and accessibility are priorities, as is beautiful design.

Our websites are built on the Drupal framework and are all 100% responsive - ie: they display correctly on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones.

All our websites are e-commerce enabled, fully editable through a user friendly admin system and allow for embedding of multi-media files, configuration of member home pages and a host of other features.


Thinking Arts websites have integrated e-commerce functionality. This includes:

Product Catalogs

  • Electronic Downloads

  • Shipping Calculations

  • Product Integration in Webforms (so that users can pay for a ticket or application in one go)

  • Configurable Shopping Cart and Checkout Options

  • Integration with Paypal, Worldpay and many other providers

  • Automatic updates of orders and receipt generation


While nobody can guarantee that you will never experience any downtime, reliability and robustness are a No 1 priority.  

Thinking Arts will host your website on our own server space, guaranteeing maximum up-time and optimal configuration. We use Zen Internet as a hosting platform.

Domain Names and Email

We can help you purchase and configure domain name(s) and email addresses.

Long Term Support

We will look after you and/or your organisation for as long as you choose to stay with us.  

We respond to support requests quickly and efficiently and provide a comprehensive package that includes training, development, bug fixing and helping with user issues when they arise.

Your Digital Portfolio

Integration with Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media are now essential for all organisations and individuals who need to promote themselves. We can advise and help you implement a digital strategy for your organisation, brand or personal portfolio.


We charge very reasonable fees for our work. We are happy to provide you with a quote once we have had a (no obligation and free) consultation to ascertain your needs and requirements.